Welcome to The Writing Shed!

The Writing Shed is a dream; a dream that was nurtured in my heart… for you!

As a big fan of the magic of Disney World, I have to quote Walt Disney, who said:

‘All our dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.’ 

The Writing Shed is one of those dreams. And you had the courage to be here today, to find a way to pursue your dreams. You here, right now, reading these words, and feeling yourself getting that tickle in your heart ~ or butterflies in your stomach ~ of excitement to know what lies beneath the pages on this website.

You have come to the workshop of dreams, and I can’t wait to help you make all of yours come true.

What do you need today?

Sometimes we go about life on  autopilot. We do things because they’re there to be dealt with. We know something is just not right, but we can’t point out what it is, or if we can, we don’t know what to do with that discomfort. You feel like you’re shooting in the dark, and may feel overwhelmed by the amount of possibilities. But still, you feel stuck. GET IN TOUCH and book a FREE half hour session to find out what amazing things we can create together.
Sometimes you may feel inadequate and unworthy; unhappy in your own skin; ashamed; you don’t have confidence to deal with some difficult situations in life. I will help you see how your self-esteem affects your personal and professional life. I will guide you on setting up a self-esteem journal, and on an amazing journal of self-discovery.  LEARN MORE and book a FREE half hour session.
I will help you put together all your ‘pieces’, and be your “whole self” in every aspect of your life. You will discover and gather all the strengths you have in a specific role in your life, and learn to transfer them into an area(s) of your life you’re struggling  with. I will guide you on a whole self transformation journey, where at the end, you will have achieved a strong sense of your own identity.  LEARN MORE and book a FREE half hour session.

Why not join other women looking for the same thing as you: to be the best version of themselves that they can be?

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