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"Writing answers your questions ~ the ones you are afraid to ask and the ones you have been asking all your life. You’ve always known the answers; writing helps you know you know them." ~ Nancy Slonim Aronie

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The Writing Shed is growing, and more and more women nowadays are searching for that something special and "magical" that will awaken their potential to be their best. We live in such a busy world, with women having to play many roles in their lives... mother, wife, worker, carer, that sometimes life just seem to happen too fast and to hard. 

In The Writing Shed Facebook group, besides always being up to date with our free content from The Writing Shed blog, you will also connect with many other amazing women, from all walks of life, and from all over the world! 

You'll be able to give and get support, to read encouraging stories of women who have overcome various types of struggles in life, and have become stronger, more empowered and confident.

More than that, the community is a place for you to share your stories!

"Behind every successful woman there is a tribe of other successful women, who have their back."

"Women who support other women are confident, generous, visionaries." ~ Mariela Dabbah