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Write great blog posts and stop getting stuck on what/how to write

* Are you thinking of starting a blog, but are put off by the fact 

that you "can't write blog posts"? 

* Have you already got a website/blog, but are not sure 

what to write about (or how to write)?

* Are you struggling to find a focus for your blog content and 

aren't so sure which direction/nich to explore?

* Would you like to create a blueprint for your website/blog?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then click below and

get in touch!

                                                I already had my blog live when Dani became my mentor! When I began writing, a few months ago, I did not have a     clue of how things really worked! Having someone showing me the way, guiding me and introducing me to the Blueprint, was essential to narrow my categories and to figure out what I wanted to share and talk about. With the Blueprint, I drew my website on a piece of paper and played with it until I had it the way I liked! Moreover, you can use it in anytime of your blogging life! Whenever you feel it’s time to change things around, using the Blueprint will always help you to go through it easier!